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How do I check for my e-mail?

If you use your browser to read mail, open your Inbox and click Send and Receive or Get Msg (depending on your browser). Your browser checks the OffspringNet mail server for new messages and saves them in your Inbox.

Can I get more than one e-mail account?

Additional mailboxes are an inexpensive way to let multiple people share one OffspringNet dial-up account. You can add additional mailboxes to your account for additional monthly charge of $2.99

Can I send a message to more then one person at time?

To send messages to more than one person, simply enter additional mail addresses, separated by commas, in the To, CC, or BCC fields of the mail message window. Be careful when sending to many people at once, many users do not like to receive large amounts of unsolicited mail.

Can I send Graphics and Word documents in mail?

You can send Word documents, spreadsheets, graphics files, and even small applications as mail attachments. When you attach a file to an e-mail message, a copy of the file is sent inside the mail message. The file is automatically downloaded to your recipient's hard drive when he or she checks for new mail

Someone sent me an attachment how do I open it up?

Your mail program automatically saves mail attachments on your hard drive and notifies you with a special paper clip icon. If someone sends you an e-mail message with an attached file, you can open and use the file by opening the message and clicking the paper clip icon in the message window. If your computer can open the file, it will launch the appropriate program (or ask you which program you want to use to open the file.

I sent someone on AOL an e-mail and he didn't get it. Can you tell me why?

Some Offspring Design members and users on other Internet service providers have reported trouble when sending messages to America Online. Apparently, All's mail servers (the computers used to route mail to the appropriate users) occasionally lose or misdirect mail messages sent from outside AOL. This problem is especially noticeable if you send an e-mail attachment. If you have an important message that MUST be delivered in a timely fashion, you should follow up the message with a phone call to the recipient.

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